Webology, Volume 1, Number 1, August, 2004

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Alireza Noruzi
Department of Information Science, University of Paul Cezanne, Marseille, France

A Note on Webology

We are delighted to welcome you to the first issue of the journal of "Webology", the first international journal on Webology (the study of the Web, Web science and technology). With your help we aim to make this journal the premier publication for this new era of science. This is a trial issue of Webology which publishes papers by researchers and students about the World Wide Web.

Why does the world need the Webology?

The Internet, and more specifically, the World Wide Web has a significant impact on many areas of sciences, engineering and medicine. We intent to introduce the Web impact on society, communication, research and development. The Web has a greater impact on communications and society than any other technology and it has only just started. The Web, as the most publicized and fastest growing aspect of the Internet, is increasingly important as a source of educational resources, commercial information, news, and government data.

Since the Web consists of contributions from anyone who wishes to contribute, the quality of information or the knowledge value is opaque, due to the lack of any kind of peer reviewing. On the other hand, because the Web is an unstructured and highly complex conglomerate of all types of information carriers produced by all kinds of people and searched by all kinds of users it is tempting to investigate (Björneborn & Ingwersen, 2001), and the journal of Webology indeed offers some methodologies to start from.

We are now exploring the possibility of regular publication of Webology to take over that function, and would welcome comments from researchers and web users, as well as from those who like to write for our journal. For now, the first issues of this new journal will be free to all who find its pages via search engines. Therefore, the copyright of papers accepted for Webology rests with the author(s).

Articles in This Issue

The first issue of Webology contains three articles. The first article entitled "Introduction to Webology" defines Webology as a new science, which encompasses all studies of web-related phenomena.

The second article entitled "Designing webliographies in an effective and simple manner: a step by step process" written by Dariush Alimohammadi discusses about designing webliographies. He defines webliography, as "an enumerative list of hypertext links and a gateway to the scientific sources of information on the Net". Moreover, he describes how to develop a webliography.

Finally, Yazdan Mansourian explains the "similarities and differences between web search procedure and searching in the pre-web information retrieval systems". He presents an introductory discussion about the commonalities and dissimilarities between Web searching procedure and the searching process in the previous online information retrieval systems including classic information retrieval systems and database.


I would like to thank all the authors and the paper reviewers for their efforts in starting up this journal and I want to express my great gratitude to Mr. Hamid R. Jamali who has acted as special editor of the first issue of Webology, and I also thank Mr. Jonathan Vera Reverter who has designed the logo of the journal.


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Noruzi, A. (2004).   "Editorial: A Note on Webology."   Webology, 1(1), editorial 1. Available at: http://www.webology.org/2004/v1n1/editorial1.html

Copyright © 2004, Alireza Noruzi.