Webology, Volume 4, Number 1, March, 2007

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Alireza Noruzi
Editor-in-Chief of Webology

A Message to Conference / Workshop Organizers

If you are planning a conference on a specific topic related to the World Wide Web, Webology is an ideal journal for the publication of your conference's papers. Webology, an open access journal, has a wide circulation and international readership.

Conference proceedings are typically hard to obtain for non-attendees of the respective meetings. Nowadays, some conference proceedings are available on the conferences' websites. But conference websites are likely to disappear after a few years as the people who organize conferences are usually academics. Once academics move to a new institution or changes happen in the academic departments, conference websites may disappear. One solution is to deposit conference papers in a digital repository like E-LIS (http://eprints.rclis.org).

However, a more secure and prestigious way of making conference papers available is to allocate one or two issues of a relevant journal to the publication of conference papers. This method of making conference proceedings available is even more efficient when the journal is an open access one. The advantages of open access are widely recognized. Some of these advantages are: (1) wide range of distribution, (2) ease of access, (3) international readership, and (4) higher number of citations.

Webology is well indexed by major search engines (e.g., Google and Yahoo) and databases (LISA, Ebsco, Scopus, DOAJ, etc) and it provides a stable, secure means for the publication of conference papers.

For any further information please contact the editor.

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Noruzi, Alireza (2007).   "Editorial: A message to conference / workshop organizers. "   Webology, 4(1), editorial 11. Available at: http://www.webology.org/2007/v4n1/editorial11.html

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