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Volume 5, Number 1, March, 2008
Table of Contents


    Ball Science Popularization through Open Access
            Alireza Noruzi


    Ball Deterring digital plagiarism, how effective is the digital detection process?
            Jayati Chaudhuri

    Ball Delinking: An exploratory study
            Isola Ajiferuke

    Ball Generating best features for web page classification
            M. Indra Devi, R. Rajaram & K. Selvakuberan

    Ball Application of web 2.0 tools in medical librarianship to support medicine 2.0
            Vahideh Zarea Gavgani & V. Vishwa Mohan

Book Reviews

    Ball Acquisitions go global: An introduction to library collection management in the 21st century / Jim Agee
            Hamid R. Jamali

    Ball Library management in electronic environment / Krishan Kumar
            Shyama Rajaram

Call for Papers

    Ball Call for Papers

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