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Volume 12, Number 1, June, 2015
Table of Contents


    Ball What students are saying on Facebook about their schools?
            Su Iong Kio

    Ball Analysis of tweets in Twitter
            Giovanni Borruto

    Ball Crime vs. demographic factors revisited: Application of data mining methods
            Xingan Li, Henry Joutsijoki, Jorma Laurikkala, & Martti Juhola

    Ball Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universities
            Vladimir M. Moskovkin, Nikolay A. Golikov, Andrey P. Peresypkin, & Olesya V. Serkina

    Ball Function of knowledge culture in the effectiveness of knowledge management procedures: A case study of a knowledge-based organization
            Mitra Dilmaghani, Fatima Fahimnia, Mohammad Aboyee Ardakan, & Nader Naghshineh

    Ball Webgraph connectivity and dynamics: Russian research institutions
            Andrey A. Pechnikov, & Anthony M. Nwohiri

    Ball Characterizing relatedness of web and requirements engineering
            Akshi Kumar, M.P.S. Bhatia, & Rohit Beniwal

Call for Papers

    Ball Call for Papers

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