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Volume 14, Number 2, December, 2017
Table of Contents


    Ball Hot Papers in Library and Information Science from the Point of View of Research Methods
            Alireza Noruzi


    Ball Systematic Literature Review on Opinion Mining of Big Data for Government Intelligence
            Akshi Kumar, & Abhilasha Sharma

    Ball The Role of Responsive Design in Web Development
            Fernando Almeida, & José Monteiro

    Ball Highly-alted articles in Library and Information Science
            Mohammadamin Erfanmanesh

    Ball Tell Me Why Bob Dylan and the Beatles Song Titles Are Used in Biomedical Literature
            Ger T. Rijkers, Anya Luscombe, & Carla Sloof

    Ball Open Access Health and Medicine Journals - An Informative Study
            Rabiya Mushtaq, Fayaz Ahmad Loan, & Mufazil Ali

Call for Papers

    Ball Call for Papers

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