Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Research Overview Of Smart Technologies In Communication Networks Backed With Artificial Intelligence To Support Sophisticated Optimization And Reliability

Girija Narasimhan , Rachana Marathe


Every industrial revolution's prime motive is to find how to utilize the human workforce smartly. Machinery dominates every prime industry sector like food, textile, agriculture, and transport. The task of the industrial revolution is to evolve technology that trains machinery smartly. In addition, also how to compete with smart technology in routine life? Due to communication network advancements, sector like telegram and fax have vanished. Communication arises as a way of clearly expressing one’s mindthoughts to others. Communication networks establish the systematic flow of information effectively within the organization. The modern business world pulse represents speedy, accurate, and timely information. For example, in banking and money exchange quick money transaction is possible because of communication network technology. The word "Smart" is a prefix with all current technologies. A future era of the upcoming decades is artificial intelligence (AI). Smart technology is one of the ingredients of AI. Especially machine learning remains the base for smart technology. Let us focus on smart technology research aspects in a communication network. Further, we discuss green AI, smart grid, and sensors MAC protocol (S-MAC), wireless sensor algorithms, green cloud architecture, communication connectivity between satellites, and underwater communication networks. This paper's specific intention is to help researchers in this field. The researcher must recognize various aspects of subsequent research projects in a communication network. This paper will include an overview of all related sectors of communication networks. Simultaneously, this paper may promote the researchers to convince a concrete base idea about upcoming research in this field.

Pages: 10-20

Keywords: Sensors MAC protocol, Green AI, Wireless sensor Algorithm, green cloud architecture, smart grid, Fog computing

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