Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Role Of Data Science And Machine Learning In Education: A Predictive Analysis For Students’ Performance In Sultanate Of Oman

Rana Tarannum Ansari , Kishore Kumar P. K


The comprehensive production of data in education has led to the practice of analyzing the data and find out the patterns and useful knowledge out of it These can be used to formulate policy and practices for improving results. A data science and Machine Learning research methodology is becoming more important in educational field, especially related to result prediction. A Machine Learning model i.e. Multiple Linear Regression is used in this research work to for prediction of students results. A case study of Post Foundation students is presented to predict the performance in final exam using multiple linear regression methods. So that we can identify the weaker students and take necessary actions to improve the results.

Pages: 44-58

Keywords: Data Science, Machine learning, Linear Regression methods.

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