Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Perception Of Satisfaction In Their Job, In Nursing Professionals And Assistants During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Colombia

Eustorgio José Amed Salazar , Laura Vanessa Osorio Contreras , Marinella Álvarez Borrero


OBJECTIVE: To describe the perception of job satisfaction reported by Nursing staff during the COVID 19 pandemic in Colombia. METHODOLOGY: a descriptive, cross-sectional study with professionals and nursing assistants, in 14 Colombian departments, using an adaptation of the G_Clinic Questionnaire to measure job satisfaction. RESULTS: Starting from the application of the instrument, ambiguous responses were evidenced by the study participants, which may be articulated to the work context in connection with the Colombia region in which the nurses and nursing assistants do their jobs. CONCLUSIONS: Although the results show strong contrasts between perceptions, it is important to recognize that health institutions and every country's government must establish measures that lead to improving the working conditions of Nursing staff, especially the first line of care attention since this would lead to a better perception of job satisfaction, decreased exhaustion or burnout and massive resignations to health institutions.

Pages: 70-81

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Nursing Staff, Nursing, Pandemics, Coronavirus Infections. Source: De CS, BIREME.

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