Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Design Of An Agrivoltaic System Using 4.0 Technologies For Agricultural Farms On The Colombian Caribbean Coast

Javier E. Sierra , Alejandro Guerrero , Jose A. Araque


The generation of energy through renewable sources, including photovoltaics, has allowed Colombia to increase the indicators of clean generation, thanks to the fact that it is inexhaustible and increasingly competitive. The installation of solar farms occupies large areas of land, which are no longer useful for agricultural production or maintenance of the environment. This article proposes an agrivoltaic system that will allow to carry out technological, agricultural and environmental studies based on industry technologies 4.0, as well as the coexistence of electricity generation and agricultural activity in agricultural farms on the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Pages: 82-93

Keywords: microgrid, agrivoltaic, renewable energies, industry 4.0.

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