Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Design Of A Photovoltaic System For An Educational Institution On The Colombian Caribbean Coast

Javier Enrique Arroyo , José López , Javier E. Sierra


This article presents the design of a photovoltaic system in an Educational Institution on the Colombian Caribbean coast. The design is carried out with data obtained from sensors installed in the establishment, from which consumption values were obtained in different blocks of classrooms. A photovoltaic test panel was also installed, which, using a parallel circuit with a load and sensors, allowed to obtain values of voltages, current and power supplied from the said element, which were of great importance to have a reference of radiation obtained during the entire measurement period of the place. The system presented allows the generation of energy according to the environmental conditions and the requirements of the Institution.

Pages: 94-107

Keywords: photovoltaic generation, solar system design, sustainable energy

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