Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Design Of A Prototype For Monitoring And Control Of Variables Of A Tomato Crop With Technologies Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Jhon Bayron Perez , Javier E. Sierra , María F. Sierra


Agriculture plays a fundamental role in sustaining the world's food. In Colombia, it is one of the most important economic sectors; that is why it is necessary to cultivate and produce such high-quality foods, treated appropriately for a suitable consumption for human nutritional well-being. This work aims to develop a prototype that allows a physical approach, towards a crop through IoT technology (Internet of things), to maintain the quality of the fruits, in this case, for a tomato plant that may be exposed to pests and factors that cause poor growth or deterioration of the fruit. A prototype that allows direct and intelligent control of the plant is implemented, accompanied by monitoring of humidity and temperature variables to solve different pests that affect crops due to handling care disorders and external factors in high and low temperatures and humidity of the plant. The adaptation of an embedded system with real-time support and cloud storage. Results show that it is possible to efficiently manage tomato crops for quality food production in the Country.

Pages: 108-118

Keywords: Agriculture, Variables control, Embedded system, IoT.

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