Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Reliability Assessment Of A Photovoltaic Distributed Generation System Using The Universal Generating Function

José López , Boris A. Medina , Javier E. Sierra


Due to the growing energy demand, projected to double in 20 years, and global warming, the latter being of vital importance since electricity generation currently causes 24% of greenhouse gas emissions, society modern is facing an unsustainable energy system. Therefore, the application of renewable distributed generation systems is growing rapidly in distribution systems, especially photovoltaic systems. Therefore, in this work it is proposed to carry out a model for the assessment of reliability in a Colombian rural distribution system when photovoltaic distributed generation systems are entered, using the technique of the universal generating function and comparing the results when conventional distributed generation is entered.

Pages: 119-135

Keywords: photovoltaic generation, reliability assessment, universal generating function.

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