Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Women From Ovejas – Sucre, Colombia, Weavers Of Peace In Times Of Transition

Santander De La Ossa Guerra , Geanny Rendón Blanco , Jhon J. Feria Díaz


This article is made with the purpose of highlighting the women's role in the Municipality of Ovejas -Sucre- as agents of peacebuilding in transition times from the different scenarios where they participate to weave and narrate the paths to peace. It also shows the way how women's organizations were conformed to place them as a tool that has allowed them to combine efforts, develop capacities, knowledge and experiences to protect and promote life as well as to rebuild and strengthen the social connection damaged and weakened by war

Pages: 136-145

Keywords: Women, Peace, Times of Transition, Agents of Change

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