Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Interaction Model Of Brand Loyalty On Facebook : A Case Study Of Roshan Telecom Company In Afghanistan

Mohammad Faiq Latoon , Afsar Sadiq Shinwari , Sayed Samiullah Saeedi


This research aims to test the relation between Customer’s Perceived Satisfaction, perceived values, Facebook participation, and Facebook promotion to customer loyalty to the brand. Meanwhile, this study examines the relationship between Customer’s Perceived Satisfaction along with customer’s participation and the Customer’s Perceived value along with customer’s participation in customer loyalty to the brand. Roshan Telecom, the largest mobile service provider in Afghanistan, is selected as the case study of this study. To achieve the research aim, a paper-and-pen survey on Roshan telecom customers who follow the company's Facebook page was conducted. The sample size of this research is 384 participants from the five most populated regions of Afghanistan. Multiple regression was used to explore predictors. While a Pearson Product moment correlations test was employed to examine the relationship among independent variables and the depended variable. The results generated significant relation amongst Customer's Perceived Satisfaction, Customer's Perceived Value, and Customer's Facebook promotion with brand loyalty, while customer's participation on the Facebook page was not significantly related to brand loyalty. Luck of previous relevant studies regarding Afghanistan society to this topic, which reviews the customer’s behavior in the society of Afghanistan, limited to generate a better concept of the customers, and the existence of an only correlation between variables and no causal relationship between them is another limitation of this study. The findings of this research help telecom companies to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of brand loyalty factors and variables.

Pages: 243-268

Keywords: Brand loyalty, Customer's satisfaction, Customer's value, Facebook participation, Facebook promotion, Roshan telecom

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