Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Rainbow Connection Number Of Some Graphs

Mr. Bharat Suthar , Dr. Dharamvirsinh Parmar , Mrs. Dharna Patel , Mr. Subodh Sharma , Ms. Yachana Modi


A rainbow coloring of connected graph is a coloring the edges of graph, such that every pair of vertices is connected by at least one path in which no two edges are colored the same. In this paper, we investigate the rainbow connection number of 𝐏𝐧 + 𝐍𝐦 graph, Alternative Double triangular snake graph, quadrilateral snake graph and Subdivision of triangular snake graph.

Pages: 2863-2875

Keywords: Rainbow vertex coloring, Rainbow coloring, 𝑷𝒏 + π‘΅π’Žβ€“graph, Triangular Graph.

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