Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Analysis Of Trust Determined By Perceived Risk, Wom, And Customer Reviews And Their Implications On Interest In Online Shopping In Generation Z Consumers In Riau Province

Gatot Wijayanto , Restu Ibrahim , Arwinence Pramadewi , Jushermi


This study aims to analyze and predict the factors that influence online shopping interest in the context of online shopping behavior in Generation Z. Compulsive buying behavior can be used as a discourse by academics, causing research findings to be important information in controlling compulsive buying desires from the perspective of perceptions of Perceived Risk, WOM, and Customer Reviews. Moreover, this study can be used as online business information that can investigate what factors can influence consumers to shop online more efficiently, effectively, and wisely by Generation Z consumers in Riau Province. Furthermore, this study can be used as information for companies engaged in the field of E-Commerce. Nevertheless, this study can reduce compulsive behavior for consumers, leading them to shop in a planned manner, as well as shop according to what is on the shopping list and avoid overspending which is seen from the trust factor as the intervening variable. The findings of this study are expected to be able to build a model of consumer shopping behavior based on the perspective of perceived risk, WOM, and customer review factors through the factor of trust in the patterns of online shopping behavior tendencies in Generation Z. Explanatory survey and verification analysis were carried out on a sample of 200 respondents. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) analysis through primary and secondary data collection using a questionnaire and observation approach. Thus, the findings are expected to be able to produce a user behavior model of shopping interest or buying online by looking at the aspect of perceived risk, WOM, and customer reviews that influence the behavior of online shopping interest through the trust factor. This study is also expected to be able to complement theories related to consumer behavior from the perspective of perceived risk to provide a valuable contribution from the value of digital marketing that is felt by each user.

Pages: 2897-2927

Keywords: perceived risk, WOM, customer reviews, trust, purchase intention, online shopping.

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