Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Study On Teacher Effectiveness And Teaching Aptitude Among B.Ed. Student Teachers In Kamrup (M) District Of Assam

Shaheen Rahman , Dr. Polee Saikia


Teaching is regarded as a quality work. It is one of those activities, which gives special privileges and responsibilities to those who do it. Therefore, the teaching profession should attract professional students, who have a deep interest, ability and dedication to the profession. Therefore, it is essential to know the teacher effectiveness and teaching aptitude of the future teacher enrolled in various teacher training institutes. The objectives of the present study are to find out the level of teacher effectiveness and teaching aptitude and the relationship between the two among the B.Ed. student. The study has been carried out to find the teacher effectiveness and teaching aptitude of B.Ed. student teachers of Kamrup(M) district from one government and one private teacher training institutes.

Pages: 3023-3031

Keywords: teacher effectiveness, teaching aptitude, B.Ed. student teachers.

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