Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Deferred Prosecution Agreement (Dpa) Concept In The System Of Criminal Jurisdiction In Indonesia

Asep Nana Mulyana


This study aims to determine the application of the DPA concept in the criminal justice system in Indonesia. This research also analyzes the stages and mechanisms for implementing DPA in the justice system in Indonesia. The research method used is juridical normative or literature research related to normative legal substances, to find the truth based on scientific logic from a normative perspective by examining library materials or secondary data consisting of primary legal materials and secondary legal materials. The research results show that the concept of DPA in the criminal justice system in Indonesia needs to consider several things: DPA, which will be applied in Indonesia, must consider the Indonesian judicial system in its constitutional structure and legal tradition. The impact of regulatory and compliance burdens on corporations, where corporations require additional costs. Crimes that can use the DPA mechanism are serious (but not limited), so a special law is required to regulate this.

Pages: 3032-3040

Keywords: Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Corporate Crime, Indonesian Criminal Justice System.

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