Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Retention Of Highly Qualified Phd Faculty In Private Sector Universities At Kpk, Pakistan A “Case Study” Of Phd Faculty At Private Universities In Kpk, Pakistan

Azhar khan , Dr. Mohib Ullah , Dr. Muhammad Adil , Imran Ali Khan , Dr. Muhammad Nisar , Aneesa Ibrar


This case study attempts to identify the perception of highly qualified PhD faculty in private sector universities about to switch from private to any public sector organization. Six private sector universities working in district Peshawar have been selected to participate in this study. This case study has been adapted into qualitative method in order to discover any new elements that are able to explain the perception of switching highly qualified PhD faculty. In the first phase of the study, the program coordinator from these six universities will be interviewed. In the second phase the selected faculty members will be interviewed in order to find out the basic theme. In third phase the Secretary Higher Education Department will be requested to shed light on the underlying issue and finally, the Chairman Higher Education Commission Islamabad will be approached to shed light on the issue concerning private sector universities highly qualified faculty members. After conducting interviews, a review of data will be organized with the intention to create initial codes. Accordingly, all the established codes will be revised in order to combine codes into themes. And finally the themes will be presented to develop a cohesive model.

Pages: 3067-3076

Keywords: private sector universities, PhD faculty, turnover, employee retention, six private universities.

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