Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Machine Learning Based Diabetic Disease Prediction With Big Healthcare Data



Big data is a collection of large volume of structured and unstructured data. With development of standards, diabetes is increasingly common in people daily life. Diabetes is a widespread chronic disease with large risk to human health. The diabetes characteristics are higher than normal level caused by defective insulin secretion or biological effects. Machine learning techniques are employed for diabetic disease prediction. Diabetes caused the obesity or high blood glucose level. It affects hormone insulin lead to abnormal metabolism and improves sugar level in the blood. Data mining techniques have been applied widely in healthcare for effective management as well as diagnosis. Many researches are carried out to design the machine learning predictive model from historical data and deliver smart diagnosis/detection of diabetes. But, the prediction time consumption was not reduced and prediction accuracy was not improved by existing methods. In order to address these problems, different diabetic disease prediction methods are reviewed.

Pages: 5537-5547

Keywords: Big data, Diabetes, chronic disease, Machine learning. predictive model

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