Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Efficient Management Of Data In Uncertain And Probabilistic Databases

Mr. Vivek V. Kheradkar , Dr. S. K. Shirgave


Databases are used to store information related to entities that are part of the real world. The Database management system is used to store, retrieve, and update the information. There are two categories of databases, namely certain and Uncertain. The certain databases are those databases where if the value of a particular attribute is unknown, then it will be stored as Null value. The uncertain database is associated with the following: Data, Uncertainty about the value, and presence. Uncertain databases are those where if a definite value for a particular attribute is not known then it will be stored with the help of a confidence value associated with alternatives. There are real-world applications where there is a need to store uncertain values of their attributes. There are many uncertain and probabilistic database management systems like TRIO, ULDB. Each defines its own management system for uncertain data and has its own advantages for particular applications and has some drawbacks. The main focus of this paper is towards a new, efficient way of managing uncertain and probabilistic databases. It shows the way of handling different types of queries on uncertain databases. It provides an efficient way of getting better performance in the case of handling simple queries, joins queries, multiple aggregations, multiple queries, and subqueries..

Pages: 5564-5580

Keywords: Certain Data, Uncertain database, probabilistic database, lineage.

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