Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Exploration Into Eco-Consciousness Prevailing Through Characters Of The Almond Tree

Iqra Khadam , Amna Aziz , Aiman Shahzadi


This paper tends to explore degradation of human beings and nature that is the main concern now days. The researchers are not paying more attention to the issues related to environment and pollution that causes harmful factors to human beings. Corasanti's The Almond Tree (2012) reveals how nature and environment are being destroyed in wars, and the effects of this destruction on human beings. The present study presents all the traumas of the people living in the areas where the war never ends. It deals with the harms and aftermaths of the attacks on human beings and nature. Eco criticism tries to find out the relationship of human beings with their physical world, that how both nature and human being reacts to each other. This interaction leads to harmful effects. The present scrutiny unravels that humanity and nature share close relations, as they are interdependent. Any attack on humanity or natural world causes harmful results for both.

Pages: 5581-5596

Keywords: Eco-consciousness in Characters, The Almond Tree, Earth Degradation, War and Nature

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