Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Enhancing Performance Of Multi-Cloud Storage Environment Using Modified Erasure Coding Technique

V. L. Padma Latha , Dr. N. Sudhakar Reddy , and Dr. A. Suresh Babu


Cloud services aren't without flaws. Even giants in the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, have outages. Measures to safeguard data from disruptions should be part of any successful cloud computing strategy. Data Availability in the Cloud refers to the capacity to provide data and services to users regardless of outages or other disasters. Planning for redundancy and data dissemination is the best way to ensure high data availability. Implementing redundancy and data dissemination may be done in a variety of ways. Replication and Erasure Coding Approaches are two of the most often used techniques. Many top cloud storage providers (CSPs) are now using these strategies to avoid data loss and to recover quickly from disk failures. This project focuses on leveraging OpenStack-Swift to create an object storage cloud that uses replica and erasure coding methods to deliver high data availability and efficient storage.

Pages: 5716-5726

Keywords: Cloud Data Monitoring, Object based storage, Erasure coding

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