Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Impact Of Financial Service Quality On Banking Customerís Loyalty: Mediating Role Of Banking Customers Satisfaction; Insights From Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Dr. Badariah binti Haji Din , Kaleem Anjum , Nadir Munir Hassan , Adnan Ahmed Sheikh , Muhammad Umair Ashraf , Sajjad Nawaz Khan , Fahad Javed Baig , Umer Gulzar


The study intends to investigate the relationship between financial service quality dimensions, banking customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty by collecting data from the banking sector of Pakistan. The purpose is to observe the relative importance of financial service quality dimensions and their role in causing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. The current study used AMOS for analysis. The results indicate a significant positive role of service quality in causing customer satisfaction, with a positive role of banking customer satisfaction in causing banking customers loyalty. The findings of the study bring in addition to the existing literature knowledge and will open new avenues for the banking sector to formulate new strategies in developing financial services quality.

Pages: 5764-5777

Keywords: Financial Service Quality, Banking Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Banking Sector of Pakistan, AMOS

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