Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effectiveness Of GTM And DM In Sialkot Schools: A Comparative Study

Ayesha Liaqat , Umara Naseem , Awais Rubbani


The following study involves a comparative analysis of GTM and DM at Secondary level at Private and public schools of district Sialkot. It aims to identify the effect of respective grammatical methodologies ofL2 learners. It is an experimental research. This study consists of 200 students at Secondary level from fourPrivate and four public schools of district Sialkot. All the Students are female. Random sampling techniquehas been employed in this study. A questionnaire of 12 items was developed to get the response from 32 teachers at Elite and public schools of district Sialkot. The findings reveal that students who are taught through GTM made less mistakes as compared to students who were taught through DM. The finding of the study further reveals that GTM is the most effective and suitable method to be conducted in L2 classrooms as it is widely used in L2 classrooms at Elite and public schools in Sialkot. The study is very helpful to assist the teachers by employing methodologies e.g. Grammar translation method and direct method in L2 class rooms to enhance the confidence of L2 learners.

Pages: 5778-5788

Keywords: Elite Schools, Public Schools, GTM, DM.

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