Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

ESCET: Enhanced Symmetric Convergent Encryption Technique To Provide Secured Deduplicated Data In Public Cloud Storage

K. Balaji , Manikandasaran S S


The most sophisticated data storage in the current information technology is cloud storage. Cloud storage mainly helps Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) to reduce their investments and maintenance of storage servers. Most small companies outsource data to cloud-based storage. User data transmitted to the cloud must be stored in the public cloud environment. The data stored in the cloud storage may combine with the data of other users. This will cause a data security problem in cloud storage. If the confidentiality of cloud data is compromised, this may result in data loss to the industry. Privacy settings ensure Cloud-based storage security. In order to maintain confidentiality, the most common technique used in security is encryption. However, traditional encryption creates many duplicate data in the cloud storage, which may cause cloud storage management issues. Duplicate data occupies unnecessary storage allocation, creating confusion in the cloud storage. To avoid duplicated data and also provide security, convergent encryption is proposed in this paper. Convergent encryption is a technique to avoid duplicate storage in the cloud and maintain the data’s confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the security services to address the data security issues in cloud storage. The proposed work is measured with previous methods based on the encryption and decryption time, and the security level is measured using ABC Hackman Tool.

Pages: 5811-5825

Keywords: Cloud computing; Cloud Storage; Deduplication; Encryption; Confidentiality, Cryptography.

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