Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Investigation Into Al-Mutanabb?ís Claim Of Prophethood

Anisa , Dr Muzaffar Ali , Dr Ismail Muhammad Amin , Dr Nasrullah Quraishi , Altaf Ahmed


This paper is the study of a very crucial issue of Islamic and Arabic literature, which deals with the attribution to al-Mutanabb?, (d. 965 CE) regarded as a last great classical poet of ?Abb?sid period, that he claimed to be a prophet in terminological religious meaning. For this, opinions of various Islamic and literary scholars and biography of al-Mutanabb? was studied carefully to arrive at conclusion. For this purpose, not only classical Muslim scholars were studied but also the works of modern scholars were investigated. In order to have more clarified and well-informed conclusion, the works of orientalists were also consulted. After the careful study and mindful investigation, this paper argues that the attribution of the claim of prophecy in terminological religious meaning to al-Mutanabb? has not been proved on unequivocal and strong undeniable evidence and arguments, which are necessarily required for this severe accusation on any Muslim scholar of the time.

Pages: 8125-8130

Keywords: Mutanabb?, Claim of prophecy, Investigation.

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