Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Access To Electronic Information Resources In Academic Libraries

Dr. Rajashekhar Kumbar


This paper makes an attempt to highlight and discuss the emerging challenges and opportunities associated with the use of information resources in the academic libraries. In the present age of information exploration, knowledge of the latest and correct information is the key for personal and professional development, and electronic information resources are essential for academic purposes. With the advent of the Internet, users have more opportunities to access online information resources anytime and anywhere for academic and research purposes. The Internet is the gateway for libraries and information centers to enter the electronic information era and provides information generated by publishers, organizations, institutes, research centers, and individuals worldwide. In an ideal world, the information resources available in electronic form are certainly the answer to many of our traditional problems with speedy delivery, availability, unlimited time, geography, and security. In addition, in some situations, librarians face difficulties in adjusting and developing habits to handle electronic information resources and lack proper infrastructure to handle electronic resources.

Pages: 8131-8137

Keywords: Academic Libraries, Electronic Information Resources, Information Technology, User Satisfaction

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