Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Modified 2-By-2 Vcs Scheme For Transmission Of Fingerprints Treated As 2d Textual Data: An Analytical Approach

Abhishek Garg and Kishan Pal Singh


Visual Cryptography is secret sharing of images to a group of participants. The existing 2-by-2 visual cryptography suffers from pixel expansion and poor image quality. A modified approach is suggested just not to only simplify this existing scheme but making it suitable to work for black & white images, creating shares & stacking them using XNOR operation. The hidden image behind the shares is restored with no pixel expansion and doing so with least distortion. Steganography is used to digitally watermark the images behind the shares adding security to the current scheme.

Pages: 8138-8143

Keywords: Cryptography, Stegnography, Watermarking, Visual Cryptography.

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