Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Sh?h Wal? Allah’s Interpretations Of Divine Mercy (Al-Ra?mah) And Its Applications In Social Life: An Ethico-Psychological Study

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq , Dr. Shah Junaid Ahmed Hashimi , Dr. Abzahir Khan


It is significant to know various implications of Mercy (al-Ra?mah al-Il?h?yyah) in Islam described by Sh?h Wal? Allah al-Dehlaw? (d.1762). How do his contributions project the role of mercy in our daily life keeping in view the ethico-psychological perspective of human life? Is there any paradigm to protect, enhance and preserve the values and moral par-excellence in the social order? In this qualitative examination, we examined the ??f? insight of Sh?h Wal? Allah (d.1762) regarding Divine Mercy (al-Ra?mah al-Il?h?yyah) and his clarification about the applications of mercy (al-Ra?mah) in our daily life. This paper presents the values and ethico-psychic needs of human life and their realization and accomplishment through the remedies conditional to practice mercy. His thought persuades the importance to understand the role of Divine Mercy (DM) in the anthropocosmic entities and its mutual link between human beings and Divine Bestowal. We assessed that the Ra?mah-Oriented Society (ROS) should be established in the light of Wal? Allah’s solution in the prevailing situation and worldwide scenario. It may result in positive impacts on human attitude and behaviour associated with multidimensional elements for social reform.

Pages: 8163-8172

Keywords: Sh?h Wal? Allah, Al-Ra?mah, Interpretation, Ethico-Psychic Implications, ROS

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