Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Medical Image Fusion To Urge On Perspicacity Using Discrete Fractional Wavelets

Gurpreet Kaur


Technological improvements have subjugated the medical arena in the recent past. Discrimination and precision of the medic is analogous to the precise judgments acquired by the image acquisition and analytical devices. Single source radiological scan only partially confines diagnostic data and it is proposed to combine multimodal images from different modalities. The fused image is obtained using the Grey Wolf Optimizer meta heuristic with Discrete Fractional wavelets. This improves the diagnostic confidence factor to provide a clinically more rationale output. Medical neuro images of Alzheimer's degeneration acquired using MRI and SPECT modalities illustrates the proposal. Prior to the processing, random noise removal image enhancement elucidate the underlying details and exemplifies the processing. The proposal is well evaluated for comparisons with benchmark techniques. The subjective and objective parameters are assessed and metrics in results indicate higher values and more information in the fused image with better contrast.

Pages: 8205-8212

Keywords: Image fusion; Spectral Information; Transform Domain; Functional Modality; Anatomical Modality.

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