Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Study On Impact Of Online Teaching Programme On Education System During Covid-19

Dr. Rajni


The covid-19 has put the whole world in a turmoil. It has disrupted every facet of our lives. The immediate lockdown and social distancing measures for the covid-19 led to the closer of almost all educational institutions over the world and has created the largest disruption of total education system. Near about 1.6 million learners belong to more than 200 countries were affected due to this crisis. After China India, has the largest school system. According to one UNESCO report, 63 million teachers were affected in 165 countries. Around 320 million learners in India are affected, since Indian education system is not very mature. Government of every country has announced the lockdown and closer of educational institutions with a logic of social distancing for indefinite period. Which further led a tremendous negative impact on the education system of the country. The total teaching learning process beginning from the entrance tests of several Universities, teaching methods, learning methodology and assessment process have been under a question mark. Everything has shifted from the direct face to face mode to online mode with immediate shift or implementation of internet based online education. The teachers, students as well as teacher educators are facing several challenges to handle the critical situation.

Pages: 8213-8223

Keywords: COVID-19, Online teaching, UNESCO, Learning process, Education system.

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