Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Learners’ Attitudes Towards The Use Of English Subtitled Videos In Language Comprehension

Muhammad Yasin , Summia Anood , Dr. Noveen Javed


The rapid developments in information technology and far-reaching impacts of social media have opened ways for the language teachers and learners. Language teachers are employing a variety of inputs to improve the learning of the language learners. In Pakistan the teachers of English language are interested to enhance language comprehension and to improve the language skills of their students. In this effort they bring variation in their methods and adopt new strategies. They look for useful aids and inputs to make their lectures interesting and effective for the learners. It is quite reasonable to take notice of the attitudes of the learners while bringing in changes to the inputs of the language classes. The present study probes the effectiveness of English subtitles in the videos for the ESL learners of Pakistan. The purpose behind this study is to know about the response of the learners about the use of teaching aids. This is an evaluative and exploratory study and quantitative method has been used to collect and analyze the data. The sample of the study is 30 students (15 male and 15 female students) of B.S. English (Semester IV) at Government Graduate College Bure Wala Distt. Vehari (Pakistan). The tool of questionnaire has been used to collect data from the sample of the study. The responses of the ESL learners on the Likert Scale have been collected and analyzed statistically. The responses of the male and female students have been compared. The findings of the study show that the learners of English language in Pakistan are in favour of English subtitled videos as the input of their classes. The responses of both the male and female students show that English subtitles are quite beneficial to them in developing language skills and improving language comprehension.

Pages: 8251-8268

Keywords: Subtitles, Videos, Language comprehension, Language skills, ESL, learners.

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