Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effects Of Polygamous Marriages On Familial Life

Fazal Amin , Dr. Ahmad Ali , Salman Ahmad , Dr. Abdul Shakoor , Dr. Sajjad Ali Khan , Zahid Umer


The current study “Effects of Polygamous Marriages on Familial Life” was carried out in Bajaur under a conceptual framework in which violence was dependent variables while an effect of polygamous marriages was independent variable. Data was collected from 384 respondents from a population of 1, 56, 240 households through Uma Sekaran table. A well thought-out questionnaire was used for data collection. After collection data were entered to SPSS, and uni-variate test was carried out for prevalence of the causes and chi-square was carried out for association between dependent and independent variables. At uni-variate level majority of the respondent strongly agree that polygamous marriages cause family violence. At bivariate level the association between women limited decision making power, limited decision making power due to biological factors and hatred and jealousy among co-wives were found significant with effects of polygamous marriages. It was concluded that polygamy is extensively practiced in the area. Co-wives face hatred, jealousy and insecurity in polygamous families. Similarly father could not provide equal care among wives. Marital education, ensuring basic marital rights, highlights important teachings and implementation of court decisions with true letter and spirit are recommendations in the light of the study.

Pages: 8292-8305

Keywords: Polygamous marriages, familial life, violence, hatred and jealousy.

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