Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Numerical Analysis Of Neutron Tube Boundary Problems By Using Nonlinear Equations

Vijay Agatrao Galande and Dr. Anjana Rajoria


The research on power move numerical models and the use of numerical computations for tending to non-direct condition structures is presented in this paper. Three sections make up the article. The numerical model of the force exchanger is displayed in the section underneath. The following section examines numerical estimates for resolving systems with non-straight circumstances. The makers have concentrated on three computations: the Newton-Raphson estimation taking into account verbalizations of the Jacobean organisation from a logical perspective, the Newton-Raphson computation considering numerical gains that the Jacobean system may have in the future, and the Broyden estimation. In the final section, presentations of suggested estimates of math effort and examination of exactness rules are evaluated. Four numerical techniques are used to address the boundary value problems for the second request non-linear conventional differential equations. These numerical techniques include the differential change method, the Homotopy irritation method, the fourth request Rung-Kutta, and the sixth request Rung-Kutta Butcher. The four methods for looking at results address three specific issues from the writing.

Pages: 8315-8326

Keywords: Non-Linear Equations, Free Boundary, Neutron Tube, Numerical Method.

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