Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Teacherís Attitude Towards Constructivist Approach Of Teaching ¨At Secondary School Level

Zubair Ahmad Parray , Sobia Qadir , Dr Rafiq Ahmad Lone , Seema Afzal


Constructivist teaching is based on the belief that learning occurs as learners are actively involved in a process of constructing meaning and knowledge as it opposed to passively receiving information of learners from the instructor. Learner is itself the maker of meaning and knowledge. Constructivist teaching and learning requires creativity, critical thinking and innovative idea from teachers and active involvement of learners. Constructivism is the latest catchword in educational circles applied both to teaching and learning theory, both to how people learn and to the nature of knowledge. We need to think about our work in relation to the theories of learning and teaching. The present study was proposed to observe the attitude towards constructivist approach of teaching at secondary school level teachers. Eighty-six (86) secondary school teachers (44 male and 42 female) were taken for the sample from twelve secondary schools (6 government and 6 private schools) in which (43 government and 43 private schools teachers) of district Rajouri Division Jammu, were taken for the sample to observe the difference with respect to gender and type of schools of school teachers at secondary level. Descriptive research design were employed to yield the better results of the study, Statistical treatments like mean, standard deviation and t-test were applied to analyze the obtained data statistically. It was found the teachers need to reflect on the work in order to employ these objectives to their work how constructivist activities are helping in gaining understanding. Constructivist learning approach not only creates student own knowledge but also creates interest to them for learning and understanding at all. It can be said that there no any commitment is existing for adopting the advanced strategy of teaching (teaching through Constructivism). Hence it can be said that teaching through constructivist approach of teaching is very progressive for both the teachers and learners in the contemporary world, to go advanced in teaching and learning is to teach and learn through constructivism.

Pages: 8345-8358

Keywords: Constructivism; Constructivist teaching; Constructivist approach of teaching

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