Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Quality Assurance And Quality Control Of Residential Building Using Microsoft Project

Mr. Kamalkishor Mulchand Sharma, Mr Abhijit Balasaheb Shendge, Mr. Prashant Balaso Suryavanshee , Mr. Navanath Shrirang Valekar, Mr Harshwardhan Hindurao Shinde


The construction industry plays a major role in the economic growth of a nation. This thesis aims to evaluate the use of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a management tool to benefit project managers. The magnitude of the quality is indeterminate attimes.This paper presents are search effort on the way forward to implement quality-related metrics for construction project control. What needs to be determined is the proportion of real versus perceived quality and approval. This document is being submitted to satisfy at requirement of quality. The real import and the importance of quality control and assurance in small building construction and to determine the quality of building materials like soil, stone, brick, sand, cement, sand, aggregate, concrete, steel etc., by using Microsoft Office the importance of QA/QC will be determined. The causes of poor QA/QC management, evaluation, or standardization will be determined by the questionnaire and an interview with the selected body. This is to determine the method of our company in producing a product with proper standards.

Pages: 9608-9616

Keywords: Every company must have their own standards for their products to ensure their client's satisfaction.

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