Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Digital Information Security Using Proposed Audio Steganography Approach

Santosh Gaikwad , Bharti Gawali , Sandeep Thorat


In the current era of digital technology, information security is a challenging task. For the secrete communication information hiding is an essential element. The current information steganography system uses objects like audio, image, and video. The audio steganography is the technique that convey hidden message by modifying an audio signal in an unnoticeable manner. It is technique for the hiding secrete message in the host audio signal. The original audio message before steganography and after encoding message has uniform characteristics. The embedding secrete audio message in the original audio file is a more challenging and difficult task. This paper presents a comprehensive survey of audio steganography techniques for information security. The experiment was tested using proposed LSB technique for audio steganography. This paper extended towards quality measure of steganography message. The quality of audio steganography measures using energy score, Mean square error, Peak signal to noise ratio. From this experiment the quality of audio steganography is observed as 92.759 % for M.S.E and 94.971 % for PSNR technique. Audio information hiding is one of the robust and dynamic ways of protecting privacy and secreting communication.

Pages: 9642-9654

Keywords: Information, Steganography, quality, LSB, PSNR, MSE, quality, Energy, HAS.

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