Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Revolutionizing Libraries: Harnessing The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In Library Science

Shivanand G Sangapur , Mallikarjun Kumbar


With an emphasis on government efforts to improve library services, this study offers insights into the condition of libraries in India, including both government-owned and private establishments. With a focus on resource digitalization and infrastructure development, the Ministry of Culture is leading the National Mission on Libraries, an initiative to modernise and revitalise public libraries across the country. Offering a wide range of scholarly resources, the National Digital Library of India is a noteworthy project run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development that helps transform libraries into digital spaces.The internet is a huge information resource that provides a wide range of content in many different categories. Websites that serve as news sources, educational resources, social media platforms, and entertainment hotspots all add to the abundance of information and entertainment that is available to consumers everywhere. Visitors can read scholarly research articles, participate in stimulating blog entries, view educational movies, and visit news websites to remain informed about world events. In addition, a plethora of artistic, literary, musical, and video content may be found on the internet, enabling people to express themselves and share their works with a worldwide audience.

Pages: 9696-9701

Keywords: Library, AI – Artificial Intelligence, Library Science.

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