Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effect Of Social Media Influencers’ Endorsement On Consumer Response Behaviour

Neha Kaur Chhabra


The emergence of social media has provided fresh avenues for brands to directly and organically connect with customers. Consequently, companies are now compelled to reassess and adapt their marketing strategies, particularly concerning advertising on social platforms. Utilizing influencers for marketing purposes on social media is experiencing a significant surge and has become one of the predominant trends in marketing of 2017 (Glucksman, 2017). Numerous brands are actively seeking innovative methods to enhance consumer engagement via social media platforms. Leveraging various tools, such as influencer marketing on social networking sites, is a common strategy. The proliferation of digital technology has ensured widespread internet access across the globe. Among the platforms utilized for product marketing, Instagram stands out prominently. Instagram celebrities, possessing comparable visibility and popularity to traditional celebrities, are perceived as more relatable to consumers due to their offline lifestyles. Consequently, they serve as highly effective brand ambassadors. The researcher surveyed 211 social media users to assess the role of influencer in endorsement on Instagram and impact of Influencer endorsement on consumer behaviour and concludes that there is significant impact of Influencer endorsement on Instagram on consumer behaviour.

Pages: 9732-9740

Keywords: Influencer, endorsement, social media, digital marketing

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