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Call For Reviewers

Webology is a peer-reviewed, online, open access journal with an international editorial board that publishes papers related to the World Wide Web. To improve the quality of its papers and review process, the journal seeks the cooperation of self-nominated reviewers who would like to act as reviewers for the journal.

How to volunteer:

As a volunteer you need to have a higher degree (a faculty position at a college/ university), or be advanced research students, in Computer Science, Information Science, Library Science, or a discipline related to the subject area of the journal. You also need to be familiar with the journal's style (study Author Guidelines) and meet the agreed deadline for reviewing a paper (not more than 20 days).

If you would like to cooperate with Webology (no pay - only glory), please send an email to the editor: anoruzi at gmail.com, indicating your qualifications and research interests. We look forward to working with you. If you are selected to join our community of reviewers, you will be expected to review one or two manuscripts per year. Our review process is double-blind and is done usually via email. You will be asked via e-mail whether or not you are willing to review a specific manuscript.

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