Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Rainbow Connection Number Of Some Graphs

Mr. Bharat Suthar , Dr. Dharamvirsinh Parmar , Mrs. Dharna Patel , Mr. Subodh Sharma , Ms. Yachana Modi

Pages: 2863-2875

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Enhanced Feature Engineering By Discretized Naïve Bayes To Predict Soil Fertility For The Betterment Of Sugarcane Yield

Raynukaazhakarsamy , Dr. J.G.R. Sathiaseelan

Pages: 2876-2896

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Analysis Of Trust Determined By Perceived Risk, Wom, And Customer Reviews And Their Implications On Interest In Online Shopping In Generation Z Consumers In Riau Province

Gatot Wijayanto , Restu Ibrahim , Arwinence Pramadewi , Jushermi

Pages: 2897-2927

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Effectiveness Of Training On The Primary School Teachers’ Attitude Towards Corporal Punishment In Pakistan

Asghar Ali , Itbar Khan , Anees ul Husnain Shah , Nazia Saeed

Pages: 2928-2941

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Employees’ Perception Regarding Performance Appraisal System On Their Commitment And Turnover Intention: (A Case Study Of Hbl And Nbp Sukkur Region)

Meer Hassan Ghoto , Mashooque Ali , Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar

Pages: 2942-2963

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Challenges And Prospects Of Women Entrepreneurship In Pakistan: A Qualitative Inquiry

Samia Shahbaz , Qamar Ali , Zubair Ahmad Chaudhry & Sahar Hafeez

Pages: 2964-2981

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Implementation And Power Quality Analysis Of Half Bride Modular Multi-Level Inverter Using Nearest Level Modulation Technique Up To 22 Levels

Jahangeer Badar Soomro , Faheem A. Chachar , Farah Shah , Jamshed Ahmed Ansari , Sadaqat Ali , Afaque Manzoor Soomro

Pages: 2982-2993

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Social Media Infodemic And Mental Wellbeing In Pakistan During Covid 19

Sarwet Rasul , Sajida Naz , Tahira Ezra Raza , Akifa Imtiaz , Saima Hamid , Fazal ur Rehman , Sobia Khateeb , Faran Emmanuel

Pages: 2994-3014

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Implementation Of Erp And Its Impact On The Performance Of The Employees Of Higher Education: An Empirical Study On Technical Institutions Of Odisha

Sunil Kumar Mishra , Dr. Atul Dattatrye Newase , Pritidhara Hota

Pages: 3015-3022

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A Study On Teacher Effectiveness And Teaching Aptitude Among B.Ed. Student Teachers In Kamrup (M) District Of Assam

Shaheen Rahman , Dr. Polee Saikia

Pages: 3023-3031

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Deferred Prosecution Agreement (Dpa) Concept In The System Of Criminal Jurisdiction In Indonesia

Asep Nana Mulyana

Pages: 3032-3040

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Law Harmonization Of Tax Regulations In Tax Law Political Perspective

Edi Slamet Irianto

Pages: 3041-3052

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Khutbah Hajjatul Wida (Farewell Hajj) And Concept Of Basic Human Rights (Research Study In The Context Of UN Charter)

Irfan Jafar , Muhammad Azam , Muhammad Saad Dehlavi

Pages: 3053-3066

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Retention Of Highly Qualified Phd Faculty In Private Sector Universities At Kpk, Pakistan A “Case Study” Of Phd Faculty At Private Universities In Kpk, Pakistan

Azhar khan , Dr. Mohib Ullah , Dr. Muhammad Adil , Imran Ali Khan , Dr. Muhammad Nisar , Aneesa Ibrar

Pages: 3067-3076

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Job Satisfaction: A Comparative Study Of Female And Male School Teachers In Pakistan

Sohail Mazhar , Shamim Ullah , Sumaira Majeed

Pages: 3077-3087

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E Gyan Kosh (Institutional Repository) Of Ignou Is A Blessing For Journalism And Mass Communication Students

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar , Dr. Praveen Babel

Pages: 3088-3101

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The Impact Of Financial Literacy On Financial WellBeing Of Coffee Farmers In Central Java Indonesia

Intan Shaferi , Alisa Tri Nawarini , Rio Dhani Laksana

Pages: 3102-3109

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Teacher Learning Algorithm And Linear Regression Based Student Grade Prediction For IT Course


Pages: 3110-3119

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Recency Pattern Of Citations In The Published Articles Of Forensic Pathology During 1989 To 2020

Dr. N.Amsaveni & Abida Durrany

Pages: 3120-3131

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Postgraduate Medical Journal Using Author Productivity And Lotkas Law : Info-Metrics Study


Pages: 3132-3246

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Impact Of Collective Memory And Contagious Communication On Human Behaviour

Dr. Abdul Ghani , Dr. Muhammad Umair Chaudhary , Dr. Muhammad Kashan Atif

Pages: 3147-3155

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Journey Of Dreams: Indian Diaspora Employed With Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone (JAFZA), UAE

Najmur Rahman , Dr. Saurabh Kumar

Pages: 3156-3175

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Traditional Economy In Nigeria Before Colonial Administration

Frances Jumoke Oloidi

Pages: 3176-3185

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Hybrid Data Integration Architecture For Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

Mohammed Hussain , Dr.J. Thangakumar

Pages: 3186-3201

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Time Division Ensemble Learning Classifier For Efficient Student Performance Analysis Using Convolution Neural Network

Rasheed Mansoor Ali S , Dr.S.Perumal

Pages: 3202-3219

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