Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

MISDSSP-Tree: A Novel Minimum Item Support Difference Based Pattern Tree Mining Approach For Mining Rare And Frequent Patterns

Keerti Shrivastava , Dr. Varsha Jotwani

Pages: 3220-3240

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Real Time Region Specific Multi Factor Approximation Based Routing For Qos Development In MANET

Mrs.S.J.Sangeetha , Dr.T.Rajendran

Pages: 3241-3256

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Influence Of Artificial Intelligence In Teaching Learning Among The Graduate Students

Dr. Shareef M. Shareef & Dr. Vinnaras Nithyanantham

Pages: 3257-3268

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A Study On Factors Affecting Selection Of Equity Mutual Funds As An Investment Option

Vikrant Vala , Dr. S. O. Junare , Dr. Narayan Baser

Pages: 3267-3282

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Subject: Stylistic Study Of The Poem 'Brahmarakshas' (With Reference To Parallelism)

Sumi Sarmah

Pages: 3283-3291

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A Comparative Study of Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) Mutual and Benchmark Market Indices and its Performance Evaluation

Shekhar V. Sawant and Dr. Filipe Rodrigues e Melo

Pages: 3292-3302

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V19I1/WEB19021

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Role Of Information Technology In The Agricultural Sector With Reference To Rice Cultivation In India

P. Jebah Shanthi , Dr. G. Bhuvaneshwari

Pages: 3303-3308

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A Two-Stage Detector For First-Order Sea Clutter In Hf Surface Wave Radar

Ha Huy Dung , Ph.D. Le Duy Hieu , Ph.D.Bui Ng?c My , Cao Viet Linh

Pages: 3309-3320

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Applying Artificial Bee Colony (Abc) Algorithm To The Distribution Network Reconfiguration Problem With An Objective Function Of Minimum Operating And Power Outage Costs

Nguyen Tung Linh , Tran Duc Viet , Pham Vu Long

Pages: 3321-3335

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Effect Of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization On Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness: A Pilot Study

Mallika Bitra , Preethi Rajesh , Annie Thomas

Pages: 3336-3344

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Effect Of Leadership Capability On The Performance Of Level Four Public Hospitals In Kenya

Mwenda Geoffrey Justus , Jesse Maina Kinyua , & Samuel Nduati Kariuki

Pages: 3345-3361

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Effect Of System Capability On The Performance Of Level Four Public Hospitals In Kenya

Mwenda Geoffrey Justus , Jesse Maina Kinyua , & Samuel Nduati Kariuki

Pages: 3362-3373

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Energy Centric Data Aggregation Mechanism In WSN Environment

Gajendran Malshetty , Dr. Basavaraj Mathapati

Pages: 3374-3388

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Occupational Aspiration And Academic Performance Of Higher Secondary Students: A Correlational Study

Gitika Saharia

Pages: 3389-3396

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Franz Kafkaís The Trial As A Critique Of Bureaucratic System

Upasana Handique , Dristi Dhekial Phukan

Pages: 3397-3402

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Cognitive Abilities Of Higher Secondray Students In Southern Districts Of Tamil Nadu

Rejee M.K Nair & Dr. B.C. Sobha

Pages: 3403-3408

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Desire And Despair In The Golden Gate Of Vikram Seth

Dr. J. Giftlin Iyadurai

Pages: 3409-3415

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Design And Implementation Of Network Traffic Classifier

Namita Parati , Dr Salim Y. Amdani

Pages: 3416-3426

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Efficient Speech Scrambling Using Ant Mating Optimization

N.Malathy , R.Tamilroja , A.S.Nisha and , T.Anuja

Pages: 3427-3439

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Studentsí Achievement Under Literacy And Numeracy Drive Program: A Case Study Of Faisalabad District

Muhammad Qaisar Bilal , Arshad Mehmood Qamar , Hamid Ali Nadeem , Dr. Wajiha Kanwal , Dr. Naila Naseer

Pages: 3440-3451

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Detect Misinformation Using Two Stage Semantic Extractor Based On Neural Network Classification

Roshan R.Karwa and Sunil R Gupta

Pages: 3452-3464

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Investigating Role Of Functional, Coupling, And Constraint Complexity Metrics In Component Based Software Engineering


Pages: 3465-3482

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Effect Of 2nd Wave Of Covid -19 On The Learning Of Cognitive And Social Skills Of Children With Intellectual Disabilities: From The Lens Of Special Educationist Working In Special Schools Of Lahore City

Dr. Hina Fazil , Dr. Maria Sohaib Qureshi , Hina Hadayat Ali , Mehwish Ahsen , Waqar Ahmad

Pages: 3483-3492

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Aesthetics Of Language: A Stylystic Analysis Of Ikeís Toads For Supper

Mohammad Muazzam Sharif , Mujahid Shah , Syed Attia Bibi

Pages: 3493-3505

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Prediction Of Undergraduate Studentsí Career Using Various Machine Learning And Ensemble Learning Algorithms

Akanksha Pandey , L S Maurya

Pages: 3506-3523

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