Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Impact Of Pandemic Covid-19 On The Workforce In Electricity Distribution Services Sector In Oman

Salim bin Hamad Al-Habsi , M. Ramaswamy and Asif Mahbub Karim

Pages: 4219-4225

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Measuring The Continuity Of Performance Of Maintenance Management In Government Facilities Focusing On The Electricity Services Sector During The Corona Pandemic Period In Oman

Salim bin Hamad Al-Habsi , M. Ramaswamy and Asif Mahbub Karim

Pages: 4226-4235

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Overview Of Risk Management Planning In Public Services In Sultanate Of Oman

Salim bin Hamad Al-Habsi , M. Ramaswamy and Asif Mahbub Karim

Pages: 4236-4240

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A Comparative Evaluation Of Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques For Feature Selection

A. Ameer Rashed Khan , Dr. S.Shajun Nisha , Dr. M.Mohamed Sathik

Pages: 4241-4256

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A Form Of Neoliberalism: A CDA Of Political Speeches Of Imran Khan

Mr. Mubashir Ahmad , Dr. Akbar Ali

Pages: 4257-4268

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Determinant Factor Career Readiness Of Malahayati Merchant Marine Polytechnic Cadets

Moh. Aziz Rohman , Fakhruddin , Titi Prihatin , Muhammad Khafid

Pages: 4269-4281

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Training and Its Influences on Work Performance Among Handloom Weavers of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu

Geetha Ranjini M, Sakthivel D, Kandavel R

Pages: 4282-4292

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Data Mining Approaches In Digital Forensics

Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain , Ahmed Unnisa Begum , Subuhi Kashif Ansari , Durdana Taranum Khan , Shazia Ali, Manju Sharma

Pages: 4293-4301

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An Energy Efficient And Deadline Constrained Heuristic Algorithm For Dynamic Offloading Of Tasks In Mobile Cloud Computing Environment

Ramesh Babu A , Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya

Pages: 4302-4315

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Multilevel Ensemble Model For Prediction Of Android Malware

Ravneet Singh Bedi and Prashant Singh Rana

Pages: 4316-4327

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Investigation Of Umbrella Shape With T-Slot Mimo Antenna On The Performance Of Defected Ground U-Shape Geometry For Uwb Application

T. Vidyavathi

Pages: 4328-4344

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Social Movements And Press: Presentation Of Social Movements For 2020 Parliamentary Elections In Kyrgyzstan

Niyazi Ayhan , Dr.Naureen Aleem , Dr. Sharjeel Naveed , Inam Nawaz Wassan , Abdul Saboor

Pages: 4345-4366

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An Enhancing Canny Edge Detection Using SUSAN Filter Based On Deep Learning Algorithm For Improved Image Edge Detection

A. Bhuvaneshwari , Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar

Pages: 4367-4375

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A Descriptive Study Of The Impact Of Institutions On The Work-Life Imbalance Of The Female Teaching Faculty

Abirami R , Paulrajan Rajkumar

Pages: 4376-4385

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Unified Payment Interface (UPI)A Critical Review Of Benefits And Challenges Of Advanced Payment Systems

Dr. Hemanta Saikia , Mishel Elizabeth Jacob

Pages: 4386-4391

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Black Hole Attack Detection In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Optimization Techniques

Dr. R.Sujatha

Pages: 4392-4403

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Self-Directed Professional Development; A Hope For The Professional Needs Of Secondary School Teachers

Dr. Sajjad Hussain , Dr. Maksal Minaz , Dr. Aijaz Ali , Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sarfraz Ghani , Prof. Dr Matloob Ahmad

Pages: 4404-4414

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Detection Of Intrusion In Manet Routing Scenario

Sumanpreet Kaur , Dr. Mahendra Kumar

Pages: 4415-4426

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Literature Review On Crystal Growth And Characterization Of Non Linear Optical Single Crystals Using Solution Method: SLR

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Behera , Dr. Sudhakar Singh

Pages: 4427-4437

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Alternative Of Natural Sand In Structural Part Manufacturing

Dr. Sarvesh PS Rajput

Pages: 4438-4450

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Face Recognition System For People With And Without Mask Using Deep Learning Model

V.Prema , M.Sivajothi , Grasha Jacob

Pages: 4451-4465

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Content Analysis Of Three Open Access Journals In LIS: A Study

Smita Chetia , Sibani Senchowa

Pages: 4466-4477

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Normalized Target Feature Projective Regression Based Bootstrap Aggregative Document Clustering In Cloud

Mrs B. BalaVinothini , Dr. N.Gnanambigai , Dr. P. Dinadayalan

Pages: 4478-4499

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Modified IOT-RTP Routing Protocol For Transmission Of Multi-Modal Biomedical Data

Shashidhar P K , Dr. Thanuja T C , Rajashekar Kunabeva

Pages: 4500-4512

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A Survey On Clustering Techniques For Movie Recommendation

B.Rajeswari , Dr. S. Shajun Nisha , Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik

Pages: 4513-4524

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