Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Leveraging Block chain technology to Secure Physical Assets

K. Mohamed Sayeed Khan , Dr. S. Shajun Nisha

Pages: 4525-4535

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Professional Ethics And Teacher Effectiveness Of Teachers

Dr. M. Rajeshkumar , Ms. A. V. Vasanthakumari

Pages: 4536-4545

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OSNQSC: Optimized Selection Of Nodes For Enhanced Qos In Cloud Environment

Jeevitha B K , Thriveni J , and Venugopal K R

Pages: 4546-4566

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A Ml Approach Of Capturing, Augmenting And Utilizing Online Trends To Improve Textile Designs Patterns

S.Senthilvel , Dr. A.Prema

Pages: 4567-4574

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Optimal Allocation Of Different Type Of Distributed Generation In Order To Improve Performance Of Power System Networks Using Jaya Algorithm

R. B. Singh , Dr. R.P. Payasi , Dr. K. S Verma

Pages: 4575-4593

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Experimental Proposal On Fuzzy Logic And Image Processing Algorithms For Medical Diagnosis

S.Shalini , Dr.N.Srinivasan

Pages: 4594-4603

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Flood Duration Optimal Operation Of Reservoir Using Moth Flame Optimization

Priya Chauhan and Sandeep Narulkar

Pages: 4604-4610

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Design And Implementation Of 64 Bit High Speed Vedic Multiplier For DSP Applications

Pooja Krishnamurthy Revankar , Dr. H C Hadimani

Pages: 4611-4619

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Rumor Recognition On Summarized Graph

Sakshi Srivastava , Anil Kumar Singh

Pages: 4620-4640

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Impact And Challenges Of Corporate Tax Towards An Existing Paradigm Of Covid-19: Business Trends

Shagufta Parveen , Dr. A Sajeevan Rao , Ammarah Naeem

Pages: 4641-4664

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Conflict In Family Relationships: A Study On Rohinton Mistryís Family Matters

Dr. C. Shahin Banu , Mr. J. Partheban

Pages: 4665-4668

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Catastrophe Of Macho Ipseity Endeavour In The Select Novels Of Shashi Deshpande

Dr. G. Saratha Lakshmi

Pages: 4669-4673

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Cultural Confrontation In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruniís Novels

Dr. N. Vadivu

Pages: 4674-4679

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Pages: 4680-4685

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Stock Market Prediction Using Deep Learning

Anjani Kumar Singh , Chinmaya Nayak , Dr. Kirti Shukla , Suraj prakash

Pages: 4686-4694

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Globalization And Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence From Pakistan

Mukamil Shah , Khwaja Tariq Ziad , Muhammad Imad Khan , Zohaib Ali , Brekhna Ali

Pages: 4695-4707

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The Costs Of Load Shedding To Small Scale Industries (Firms) At District Swat, Buner & Lower Malakand

Mukamil Shah , Abid Khan , Zohaib Ali , Azmat Ali Shah , Brekhna Ali

Pages: 4708-4733

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Consumer Preference On Warranty Details Offered By Electric Vehicle Manufacturers In India


Pages: 4734-4740

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Prediction And Detection Model Of Systemic Lupus Disease By Using Machine-Learning And Artificial Intelligence Along With Jupyter Anaconda Navigator Simulation

Payel Saha

Pages: 4741-4755

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Changing Purchasing Perceptions/Behavior/Attitude Of Customers: Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Pankaj Kumar Sinha , Prof. Manmeet Nag , Prof Sanjay Srivastava

Pages: 4756-4769

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Improving Academic Adjustment Of Secondary School Students Through Emotional Literacy Training

Mary I. Anselem & Immaculata N. Akanaeme

Pages: 4770-4783

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Intrusion Detection On The Unsw-Nb15 Dataset Using Feature Selection And Machine Learning Techniques

J. Vimal Rosy and Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar

Pages: 4784-4802

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Fighting Unconventional War In The Tribal Areas Of Pakistan Through Conventional Means

Dr. Alamgir Khan , Dr. Faisal Khan

Pages: 4803-4814

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Nexus Between Cyber-Bullying And Social Communication Skills: Evidence From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Aziz Ullah , Dr. Fakhta Zeib , Saeed Ayaz Khan , Dr. Mahboob Ullah , Zafar Iqbal , Irfanullah

Pages: 4815-4833

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Factors Affecting The Performance Of Employees At Work Place: A Case Of Directorate Of Higher Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Muhammad Abu Bakar Iqbal , Dr. Saima Batool , Amanullah Parhyar , Ahmed Ali Soomro , Bibi Shagufta Chandio

Pages: 4834-4849

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