Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Regression Using Logistic Method For Physical Machine Overload Finding And Host Power Method For Physical Machine Under Load Finding Algorithm In Cloud Datacenter

Sreenivasa B.L , Dr. S Sathyanarayana

Pages: 5835-5850

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Locus Of Control And Self Confidence As Correlates Among Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement

Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Muhammad Asad Habib , Atifa Binth e Zia

Pages: 5851-5865

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Security Analysis Of Malicious Attacks In MANET Through Machine Learning Algorithm

Surabhi Srivastava , Chandra Shekhar Yadav , Pradeep Kumar

Pages: 5866-5882

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Ideational Functional Analysis Of Mrs. Dalloway And A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

Asad Khalid , Mohey-ud-Din Aurangzaib , Awais Rubbani

Pages: 5883-5900

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Iot Enabled Dichotomous Regressive Ranking Decision Forest Node Classification For Efficient Data Transmission In Wireless Sensor Networks

L.Muthulakshmi and Dr.A.Banumathi

Pages: 5901-5917

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Affecting Factors Of Customer Relationship Management In Indian Fast-Food Industry


Pages: 5918-5924

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Design A Scds-Tm Model For Managing Data In Cloud Based System

Hira Lal and Dr. Arpana Bharani

Pages: 5925-5945

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A Study On How The Educational Awareness Function As A Reduction Factor Of Suicide Rate : Case Study From Kerala

Bindu K. B.

Pages: 5946-5954

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Effect Of Cognitive Apprenticeship Model Of Teaching On Enhansing Life Skills Among Secondary School Students

Baiju P Raju , Dr. N.L.N. Jayanthi , Dr. Varghese K Cherian

Pages: 5955-5961

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Teaching Practices: A Case Study Of Communicative Language Teaching In Institute Of Lahore, Pakistan

Sidra Haroon , Shumaila Ahmad

Pages: 5962-5983

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Towards A Safe Cyberspace In Higher Education: Assessment Of The Cybersecurity Practices In A State University In The Philippines


Pages: 5984-5994

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Politics Of Representation, Racialization And Marginalization In I Am Malala By Christina Lamb And Malala Yousafzai

Hassan Khan , Anila Khan , Zafar Iqbal Bhatti

Pages: 5995-6005

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Understanding Ethical Failure Factors In Humanitarian Logistics

Muhammad Khan , Afifa Anjum Khattak , Dr. Mehboob Ur Rashid , Dr. Arif Hussain , Qazi Waseem Jan , Zia Ur Rahman , Abbas Ali

Pages: 6006-6021

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Exploring The ICT Based Library Resources And Services Usage By Users In The Selected Private University Libraries Of Uttar Pradesh: An Analytical Study

Mamta Singh , Dr. Praveen Babel

Pages: 6022-6034

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Empowering Women: Their Fragile Ladder To Achieve The Highest

Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja , Waqas Ali Haider

Pages: 6035-6059

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Knowledge About Emotions As An Indicator Of Wellbeing Among Early Childhood Learners

Asma Maryam , Dr. Muhammad Arshad Dahar , Dr. Muhammad. Imran Yousuf & Dr. Irfan Ahmad Baig

Pages: 6060-6080

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Abrupt Shift From Offline To Online: Exploring The Digital Divide In The Adoption Of Online Education During COVID-19

Sohaib Sultan, Assistant Professor , Saira Farooq Shah, Assistant Professor , Razia Rizve, Assistant Professor , Kiran saleem, Lecturer , Warda Sahar

Pages: 6081-6095

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The Integration Of The Two Techniques Of Target Costing And Value Analysis And Its Role In Managing And Reducing The Cost Of The Product (Applied Study In The General Company For Electrical Industries / Air Conditioner Factory)

Zainab Hadi Mahdi , Alaa miran Hussein , Baraa bazzawi Hussein

Pages: 6096-6112

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The Impact Of Taxes On Electronic Commerce In Importing And Exporting Agricultural Crops

Ali Falih Khalaf

Pages: 6113-6125

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An Analysis Of SAARC's Shortcomings And Urgency Of Working Together

Dr. Sardar Ahmed , Mahajabeen , Dr. Akbar Ali Chandio , Dr. Syed Shuja Uddin

Pages: 6126-6135

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A Critical Analysis Of Zia's Regime And Its Impact In Pakistan

Sikander Ali Laghari , Dr. Sardar Ahmed , Dr. Arjumand Zehra , Gul Muhammad Behan

Pages: 6136-6146

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Publication Research Trends On ‘Progress In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy’: A Scientometric Study

Johnson I and Padma P

Pages: 6147-6165

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The Intermarriage Between Art And Tourism: A Case Study Of Art And Tourism Development In Nigeria

Oloidi, Oluwafemi. T.

Pages: 6166-6175

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Analysis Of User Behavior In Social Media Using Business Process Re- Engineering And Learning Technique

Vivek Shukla , Rohit Miri

Pages: 6176-6198

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Applications Of Supervised Machine Learning In FDM Manufacturing: A Review

Naveen Kumar Suniya , Abhisek Gour

Pages: 6199-6218

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