Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Correlational Investigation Of Resilience And Job Stress Among Public And Private School Teachers At Secondary Level

Almas Latif , Dr. Riasat Ali , Dr. Saqib Shahzad , Dr. Sajjad Hussain , Muhammad Haroon Manj , Sadaf Akram

Pages: 8394-8403

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The Potential Of Astro-Tourism In India

Manzoor Ahmad Khan , Dr. Sandeep Guleria

Pages: 8404-8413

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A Study On The Sentiment Analysis Based Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Analp Pathak , Dr. B. K. Sharma

Pages: 8414-8429

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Review On Optimized Algorithm For Resource Allocation In Multi Cloud Environment

Pritin Haldar , Dr. Harsh Lohiya

Pages: 8430-8435

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Sufi Model Of Peace And Extremism

Asif Iqbal Bhat , Dr. Suneet

Pages: 8436-8444

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Identifying The Varied Gig Roles With The Development Of The Indian Gig Economy And Its Impact On Organizational HRM Practices For Benefits, Rights & Protections - A Road Map To Drive Engagement For Gig Workforce

Amit Das

Pages: 8445-8461

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Happiness And Ways Of Coping Among Deprived And Non-Deprived Secondary School Students

Dr Satnam Kaur Johal

Pages: 8462-8477

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Compensation Reward Management

Dr. Y Jayaprada , Dr. Sushil Beliya

Pages: 8478-8490

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An Approach Of Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning

Omprakash Dewangan , Dr. Megha Mishra

Pages: 8491-8503

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Covid-19 Risk To Solve In Different Regions Using A Fuzzy Soft Set-Theoretic Approach


Pages: 8504-8514

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Factors Impacting Mobile Technology Acceptance In Higher Education Faculty

Dr. Samnan Ali , Dr. M. Amaad Uppal , Muhammad Basir

Pages: 8515-8529

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How AI And Cloud Computing Complement Each Other In Accelerating AI Adoption In Enterprises

Suresh Babu Rajasekaran

Pages: 8530-8539

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Insurgencies In Baluchistan By The Civil Militants

Dr. Muhammad Ramzan , Abida Yasin , Shafaq Ijaz , Gul Sher Butt , Zubair Hussain , Ilahi Buksh , Hafiz Muhammad Obaid

Pages: 8540-8552

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Covid-19 And Social Media: Behavioral Change And Public Awareness

Mazhar Ali , Aftab Ahmed , Farooq Ahmad Khan , Muhammad Asghar , Siddiq Ullah

Pages: 8553-8571

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Indo-Sri Lanka Trade Intensities And Complementarities

James L.T. Thanga & Vanlalkhumtiri Chhangte

Pages: 8572-8582

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Doping In Sports: A Systematic Review

Dr. Maman Paul

Pages: 8583-8588

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Indo-Russian Strategic Partnership: A Study Of Russian Arms To Counter China In The Asia Pacific

Nusrat Koser

Pages: 8589-8605

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Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions And Communication Skills: A Case Study Of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Azmat Ali Shah , Saqib Shahzad , Maksal Minaz , Ghazala Amjad , Muhammad Rauf

Pages: 8606-8618

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How AI And Cybersecurity Are Shaping The Technology Landscape Of An Enterprise

Suresh Babu Rajasekaran

Pages: 8619-8626

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Distance Log Mar Visual Acuity Comparison With Severity Of Diabetic Retinopathy

Sheri Deepika , Dr. Kailash Jagannath Karande

Pages: 8627-8636

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Peace Education And Its Impact On Human Life


Pages: 8637-8641

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A Hybrid Outlier Detection-Based Dropout Prediction Model On Student Databases

Anil Kumar Tiwari , Sanjay Kumar

Pages: 8642-8663

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Improving More Security & Qos Of Trust-Enabled Wireless Networks Using Machine Learning Powered Transformable Blockchain Sharding

Dr. Manisha Bhatnagar

Pages: 8664-8681

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Recognizing Images Using Deep Neural Networks

Gurpreet Kaur

Pages: 8682-8691

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Design Of A Cross-Domain Bioinspired Model For Identification Of Gait Components Via Iterated Gans

Ashish Kumar Misal , AbhaChaubey , SiddharthChaubey

Pages: 8692-8711

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