Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Using Multikernel Learning To Combine Heterogeneous Features For Facial Action Recognition

Bombale Girisha Ramhari , Dr. Dhanraj Varma

Pages: 9313-9320

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Animal Detection And Alert System Using Computer Vision Technique

Ponmani R

Pages: 9321-9328

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The Importance Of Ict Tools In Academic Librar

Narmada Bhat

Pages: 9329-9338

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Advancing Social Media Analytics: A Robust Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model-Based Framework

Shivendu Bhushan , Dr. Kailash Jagannath Karande

Pages: 9339-9343

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Study On The Creep Analysis, Ductility And Failure

Sandeep Kumar , Dr. Milind Rohokale

Pages: 9344-9354

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Data Analytics And Visualization For Cricket Bat Performance Assessment And Improvement

Prerana Deshmukh , Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Pages: 9355-9373

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Suspicious Activity Detection In Crowd Videos Using Deep Learning Model

R.Thirumalaisamy , S.Kother Mohideen

Pages: 9374-9387

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Assessing The Role Of Urban Design In Promoting Sustainable Development

Yadav Satish Arjunrao , Dr. Eknath Pandurang Alhat

Pages: 9388-9396

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A Survey On Lung Disease Diagnosis Using Deep Learning


Pages: 9397-9408

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Perceived Level Of Customer Satisfaction With Hero Bikes: A Study On Rural People In M.P. Region

Dr Saiful Haque , Professor Murad Ali and Dr C.P.Gujar

Pages: 9409-9422

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Evaluating The Challenges Of Electronic Word-Of-Mouth (Ewom) On Travel Destination Image: A Conceptual Study

Dr. Nazish Mushtaq , Shakeeb Mohammad Mir

Pages: 9423-9435

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Exploring Diverse Residential Patterns: Representative Neighborhoods In Case-Study Cities

Syed Azam Moinuddin , Dr. Eknath Pandurang Alhat

Pages: 9436-9440

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Study On The Status Of Career Development Programme

Pawar Sachin Chandrakant , Prof. (Dr). Prakash Divakaran

Pages: 9441-9449

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FPI & Auto Industry Returns: Lead Lag Relationship

Ms. Neetu Chadha , Dr. Meghna Chhabra

Pages: 9450-9456

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Projections And Contests Of The Animation Industry In Maharashtra

Dr. Siddhant kumar V.Wadmare

Pages: 9457-9465

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SEBI's Regulatory role in strengthening Capital Market in India

Pankaj Kumar Srivastava

Pages: 9466-9487

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A Critical Appraisal Of Higher Education In India

Dr. V. Sreemannarayana Murthy

Pages: 9488-9494

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A Study On Financial Risk Analysis And Bank Profitability Performance Of Regional Rural And Cooperative Urban Banks In India

Dr. Kishore Krishna Das , Dr. Arabinda Debnath

Pages: 9495-9524

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From Science To Storytelling: The Evolution Of Cli-Fi In Addressing The Anthropocene

Dr. Sudeep Kumar & Kanika Godara

Pages: 9525-9530

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Drug Addiction And Criminal Propensity Of Adolescents In Relation To Their Delinquency Proneness

Muhammad Nasrullah Bhat , Prof. Dr Shree Dwivedi

Pages: 9531-9537

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Emerging Research Areas In Tourism Marketing – A Conceptual Study

Dr. Sumaira , Qazi Ruban

Pages: 9538-9548

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How Ai With Deep Learning Reviews And Future Scope?

Prof. Salunke Shrikant Dadasaheb , Prof. Punde Amruta A. , Prof. Kadam Swati Vijay , Prof. Bere Sachin Sukhadeo , Prof. Deshmukh Narendrarao Pandurang

Pages: 9549-9556

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Design And Fabrication Of A Groundnut Oil Expelling Machine

Prof. Shitole Jagdish Sudhakar, Prof. Sodal Jeevankumar Anil, Prof. Bhosale Shivaji Subhash, Dr. Keste Appasaheb Adappa

Pages: 9557-9564

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Optimisation Of Machining Rejection Of Shift Fork By Using Seven Quality Tools

Prof. Shitole Jagdish Sudhakar, Prof. Sodal Jeevankumar Anil, Prof. Kathale Santosh Suresh, Dr. Keste Appasaheb Adappa

Pages: 9565-9590

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Quality Improvement Program Of Residential Building In Reference With Project Management Book Of Knowledge Using Microsoft Project

Mr. Kamalkishor Mulchand Sharma, Mr Abhijit Balasaheb Shendge, Mr. Prashant Balaso Suryavanshee , Mr. Navanath Shrirang Valekar, Mr Harshwardhan Hindurao Shinde

Pages: 9591-9597

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