Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Review On Healthcare Disaster Preparedness And Resilience

Jyoti Sharma , Ranjul Rastogi

Pages: 2532-2549

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Novel Clustering Based Energy Efficient With Adaptive Pso Approach For Congestion Control In Fanet

Megala D , Dr. V Kathiresan

Pages: 2550-2567

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Firozsha Baag As A Metaphor In Rohinton Mistry’s Tales From Firozsha Baag

Atifa Binth e Zia , Mahrukh Masood , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti

Pages: 2568-2575

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Hybrid Mobile Social Media And The Concept Of Mobile Marketing

Prof. (Dr.) Govind Kumar Gupta , Dr. Ved Prakash , Somesh Kumar

Pages: 2576-2582

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A Critical Study To Local Government Evolution In Karachi And Role Of Newspapers (1947-2000)

Hafiz Ali Hassan , Prof. Dr. Shams Uddin , Umair Ansari , Dr.Taha Shabbir , Mr.Salahuddin Ghazi

Pages: 2583-2598

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A Study Of Image Identification For Underwater Images Using ANN Technique

Dr. A. Divya , Dr. M. Sathya

Pages: 2599-2614

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The Dictum Of Women Rights Under The Prevalence Of The Security Forces


Pages: 2615-2619

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Experimental Investigation On Compressive Strength Of High Strength Concrete Using Fly Ash And Silica Fume

Shaik Chandini , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Nusari

Pages: 2630-2638

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Pages: 2639-2650

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Consequences Of School Closure Due To Covid-19 For The Education Of Students With Intellectual Disabilities Studying At Govt. Special Education Institutes In Punjab: Teacher’s Discernments

Dr. Hina Fazil

Pages: 2651-2666

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Role Of L-1 In Enhancing Cognitive Facilities: A Perception Of Technical Students

Dr . Adam Paul , Patteti

Pages: 2667-2674

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Material Culture Of Assam: A Discussion

Bikash Das

Pages: 2675-2678

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Assamese Novel: Beginning And Development

Rofikul Islam

Pages: 2679-2686

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An Estimation Of Measuring The Complexity Of Advice Using Fuzzy Logic Technique

Dr. G. Arockia Sahaya Sheela and Dr.K.R.Martin

Pages: 2699-2708

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Segmentation And Feature Extraction Of Content Based Video Retrieval Using Maximum Likelihood Regression Model With Modified-Vgg-16

B. Satheesh Kumar , K. Seetharaman

Pages: 2709-2724

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Youtube And Its Role In Education Content: A Descriptive Overview

Dr. P. Chitra

Pages: 2725-2736

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Work–Life Balance Of Single Parents Working In Educational Institutions

Nitin Kumar Bisht , Dr. Sonu Chowdhury , Dr. Raveesh Agarwal

Pages: 2737-2749

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Lung Nodule & IPMN Characterization Using GIST Features Based On Modified SVM


Pages: 2750-2765

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Viable Cloud Computing Setup Based On Service-Level Portfolio

Neeta Verma , Dr. Varsha Jotwani

Pages: 2766-2778

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Depression And Anxiety Among Students With Physical Impairment Studying In An Inclusive Setting

Dr. Maria Sohaib Qureshi , Dr. Hina Fazil , Prof. Dr. Humara Bano

Pages: 2797-2805

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Retina Based Marine Predators Optimization For Secured Key Generation

N.Malathy , A.Vidhya and R.Tamilroja

Pages: 2806-2816

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An Exploration Of Relationship Between Emotional Labor, Its Antecedents And Outcomes

Megha Yadav , Anamika Pandey

Pages: 2817-2831

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Roleplay Of Factors For Successful IR: With Special Reference To Institute Of National Importance

Ruchi Srivastava , Dr. Praveen Babel

Pages: 2832-2843

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Employee Attrition In Human Resource Using Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. T. S. Poornappriya and Dr. R. Gopinath

Pages: 2844-2856

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Art Therapy For Adolescents In India

Ms Shruti Mittal , Dr Mamata Mahapatra

Pages: 2857-2862

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