Dr. Alireza Noruzi

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Alireza Noruzi, Information Scientist

Name: Alireza
Surname: Noruzi
Date of Birth: 09/04/1976
Place of Birth: Kermanshah, Iran
Languages: Kurdish (Mother tongue), Persian (Fluent), English (Fluent), & French (Fluent)
E-mail: anoruzi (at) gmail.com

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Books/Book Chapters:

  1. Arsenault, Clément, & Noruzi, Alireza (2011). Les relations bibliographiques entre une œuvre et une autre œuvre selon le modèle FRBR : la perspective canadienne. Widad Mustafa El Hadi (Ed.), L'organisation des connaissances: Dynamisme et stabilité. France, Cachan : Lavoisier, 2012. Chapitre 5, pp.105-117.
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English Articles:

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Articles published in Refereed Conferences:

  1. Arsenault, Clément, & Noruzi, Alireza (2011). "Work-to-Work Bibliographic Relationships from FRBR point of view: A Canadian perspective". CAIS/ACSI 2011, 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science, "Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information", Fredericton (N-B), 2-4 June 2011.
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Editorial Notes in English:

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Persian Articles:

  1. Abdekhoda, Hiwa, Noruzi, Alireza, Mohammadi, Masoud (2012). Correlation between Self-citation and Immediacy Index of Iranian English-language Medical Journals Indexed in Scopus Citation Index between 2005 and 2009. Payavard Salamat, 5(3), 27-38.
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